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This website is dedicated the our nearest star, the sun.


Its main purpose is to share the results of my hobby, which is imaging the sun in high resolution and in different wavelengths.


Within these pages I will collect some of my images to share them with my fellow amateurs astronomers and anyone who would
enjoy watching them.



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Amun Ra

Amun Ra was the Sun God of ancient Egypt. I always liked the sound of this name: Amun Ra, the King of Gods and God of Kings. The pharaohs private deity.

I think it is a very powerful name and still very appropriate to the modern ruler of the solar system and that's why I chose it as name of my website.


I intend to keep on developing it with time and include more and more information about our home star linking to other resources
such as other amateurs' websites and discussion groups but also professional observatories.


I will do my best to keep it interesting and entertaining for anyone who will decide to browse through it.



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 Gianluca Valentini - info@amun-ra.org - Rimini - Italy






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